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Welcome to all EPSVA members

Posted by Joe Marshall on April 27, 2022

Welcome to all Edmonton Police Service Veterans’ Association members. After a difficult couple of years, it is nice to see social restrictions easing and enabling us to socialise and travel more. Whilst we encourage you to continue to follow appropriate guidelines and advice to be stay healthy, we hope you will be able to join in the many social events that have opened up again for us. Monthly luncheons are back and the golf season has started with many opportunities to get involved. We will keep you posted on other activities as they come back on-line.

Due to unforeseen circumstances this website was down for a while. We will continue to improve the site and do our best to ensure its ease of access and reliability. Your EPSVA website aims to keep retired members of the Edmonton Police Service connected with their friends and former colleagues. Once you’ve accessed the site it’s simple to use. You can access our monthly newsletter, The Call Box, and also explore “News & Articles”, “Events” and other areas where you’ll find items of news and interest, information on social events and even some items that may not appear in The Call Box. Check back occasionally to find the most up to date news and many more photographs than you will see in the newsletter. Take some time and explore the historical information on the site.

As was mentioned, despite the challenges of the last two years, things are looking up for 2022 and the year holds lots of promise with several events tentatively scheduled. Check this website and in The Call Box for news of upcoming events as they open up again. We’re all looking forward to getting involved again and joining in the fun and friendship of all of the EPSVA, EPA and EPS activities.

Having difficulty accessing the website or forgot your password? Retired but didn’t join the EPSVA or your membership has lapsed and you’d like to be part of the information sharing? Just send us an e-mail to support@epsva.com and a volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible with the assistance you need.

A gentle reminder: your EPSVA dues were payable in January. You can securely pay your dues on the website - it’s easy! Simply log in, scroll down, and click on “Manage my account”, the process is easy. If your preference is to pay your dues by cheque, you’ll find all the information you need in the last item on the last page of any edition of The Call Box. Need help with the process? Go to support@epsva.com and that volunteer will help you soon.