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  • Obituary Image - MOORE, Rexford (Rex) Roland, Reg. No. 191

    MOORE, Rexford (Rex) Roland, Reg. No. 191


    It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Rex Moore. He passed away on October 26th, 2020 after a lengthy stay in the Leduc Hospital. Rex is survived by his long-time partner Cecile Blanchard. The family will be having a small funeral for Rex and his ashes will be scattered with those of his parents on the shore of the lake he lived at for the last 50 years.

    Rex Moore embarked on his policing career in Edmonton on September 14th ,1959 as a member of Recruit Training Class 10. After his start in Patrol Division, Rex moved to Traffic Section for about two years before returning to Patrol Division. In 1969, he spent a few months in Court and Summons Section and had another short stint in Gaol Section in 1975. In 1976 he moved to Information and Reception Unit where he stayed for a couple of years. In 1979 he moved back to his preferred assignment, Patrol Division Zone “A” and remained there until he retired on January 8th, 1990.

    Many members have fond memories of Rex. Bill Artym shared this one:
    I was working with another member out of old JP. We were dispatched to a 10-5 very close to 151 and Stony. The offending driver admitted fault but the number 2 clearly wanted to punch out the number one driver. We could not get that mouthpiece to shut up. It was very cold outside and something so simple was beginning to turn into a nightmare. Rex, in uniform, happened to walk out of the Safeway that was located in the northeast corner of that intersection. Our patrol car and the mouthpiece in the cold crisp air got Rex's attention. He sauntered over to where we were to see what the commotion was. I told my partner that this was going to be interesting. Rex approached the number two driver and while towering over him whispered something in his ear. The driver went and sat in his car. Later that day I asked Rex what he said. He looked at me, smiled slightly, and winked.
    There are a zillion of Rex Moore stories out there. Most of them are true

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  • Obituary Image - SHEPHERD, Andrew (Andy) Gilbert, Reg. No. 455

    SHEPHERD, Andrew (Andy) Gilbert, Reg. No. 455


    It is with a heavy heart that we share the information that Andrew “Andy” Shepherd passed away on October 3rd, 2020 in the McBride. B.C. hospital. Andy had been battling Parkinson's disease for sometime. “Many will remember Andy standing in his favorite place, the corner by the bar in the Sergeant's Mess with a beer and smoking his pipe.” No obituary was located.

    Andy Shepherd started his career with the Edmonton Police Department as a member of Recruit Training Class #27 on March 18th, 1968. After a couple of years in Patrol, he transferred to Crime Index for a year followed by 5 years in the Office of the Chief. In 1976, he headed back to Patrol Division and was promoted the same year to Sergeant in “A” Division. In 1977, Andy was the Commonwealth Games Operations Coordinator. 1980 saw him on the move again to Directives Management Section then, in 1985, he changed rank to Detective in C.I.S. “D” Division enroute to a couple of years in Integrated Intelligence Unit. He was promoted to Staff Segeant in Bureau Administration Section in 1987. Later, as a Staff Sergeant, he also worked in “A” Division and Technical Support Unit before moving back to Bureau Admin. Where he remained for his last three years leading up to his retirement on March 23rd, 1997.

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  • Obituary Image - MILLS, Larry James, Reg. No. 1208

    MILLS, Larry James, Reg. No. 1208


    Larry James MILLS Reg. No. 1208 July 13, 1952 - September 12, 2020

    We were advised of the passing of EPSVA member Larry Mills. Larry is survived by his wife Barb. Due to COVID19 restrictions Larry’s funeral was a private family one. Later, a celebration of Larry’s life may be held for his friends from the policing community. No formal obituary was located.

    Larry was a pre-hire with EPS, starting on October 9th, 1979 in Court & Gaol Division. On November 26th, 1979 he joined RTC #57 and after graduation was transferred to Patrol Division ‘A’. In 1982, Larry transferred to Traffic Section where he remained until 1989 and his transfer to Patrol Division ‘B’. After about 3 years in the north, it was back West Division where he worked Patrol for about 13 years. In the latter stage of his career, Larry worked the West Division Front Counter for several

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